Hire of Hall 1939

Terms for Hire of Hall

Any person hiring the Hall or Rooms must be personally responsible for the strict observance of the conditions set out below:-

1) The building must be closed not later than 2am on weekdays and not later than midnight on Saturdays.

The Hall shall not be let for entertainment on Good Friday.

The Hirers must be responsible for the locking up of the premises and for the washing up of the crockery.

2) No intoxicants shall be consumed or brought into the premises except when the premises have been hired for private parties, dinners, wedding receptions etc. or except when a temporary licence has been obtained.

3) No betting, gambling nor playing of games for money shall be allowed in any room of the building.

4) No decorations may be hung except with the approval of the secretary. No nails etc. may be driven into the fabric of the building.

5) Suitable footwear must be worn for dancing. Nails in boots or shoes are strictly forbidden.

6) Any damage caused to any part of the Hall must be paid for by the hirer.

Terms for Hire (which may be charged in advance).

These terms include the payment for the caretaker and use of light and heat, kitchen, crockery and piano when required except when otherwise stated.

For all events and committee meetings in connection with the Village Hall itself – No Charge.

Hire of entire building for whole day until 2am—-2 – 0 – 0

Whist Drive and Dance—-1 – 0 – 0

Concert and Dance—-1 – 0 – 0

Dance (with use of crockery)—-15 – 0

Dance (without use of crockery)—-12 – 6

Whist Drive (with use of crockery)—-15 – 0

Whist Drive (without use of crockery)—-12 – 6

Concerts (with free use of stage for one rehearsal)

With crockery—-15 – 0

Without crockery—-12 – 6

Hall and kitchen all day till 6pm.—-1 – 0 – 0

Hall for Public Meetings

Other than Political—-5 – 0

Political—-7 – 6

Stage or kitchen for meetings

Winter—-4 – 6

Summer—-3 – 0

Stage and kitchen for meetings

Winter—-7 – 6

Summer—-5 – 0

Room for Committee meetings lasting not longer an hour—-1 – 6

For each succeeding hour—-1 – 0

The first rehearsal FREE, for two extra rehearsals only —–each.—-1 – 0

For a course of Lectures or Classes or special events charges may be varied by arrangement with the Secretary.

Other villages or outside organisations hiring for outside events shall pay 50% extra on the above charges.

For application for the hire of the Hall or Rooms apply to the HON. SECRETARY VILLAGE HALL.