Special Efforts 1942 – 1964

Special  Efforts and Fairs

Events to raise money during World War II

1942 Y.W.C.A Jumble Sale






1943 Aid to Russia


1945 Save the Children Fund



Village Hall Funds

20th August 1955 All day sale for Village Hall funds


21st June 1958 All day sale for Village Hall funds


24th June 1961 All day sale for Village Hall funds


27th June 1964 All day sale for Village Hall funds



Save the Children Fund

20 Gordon Square

London WC1

11th June 1945

Dear Mrs Burnley,

I had anticipated the success of the Bring and Buy Sale arranged last week in the village of Hutton le Hole, the proceeds of which you very kindly offered to send to the Fund, but I must confess that the amount of your cheque completely took away my breath. What eloquent testimony to your organisation and to the skill of those friends who most generously supplied the saleable articles. I need hardly tell you how very grateful we are to you and the other ladies concerned for the splendid contribution which has reached us as a result of your efforts, and how deeply we appreciate the kindly thought underlying this gift in aid of our work in liberated Europe.

I have pleasure in enclosing official receipt, and would be very glad if you would convey to all who contributed towards the outstanding success of the sale our heartfelt thanks for their magnificent help. May I add a special word of praise for the children who gathered and sold faggots and logs to raise funds for their less fortunate comrades in Europe, and mention how highly we value the individual contributions of fourteen donors who generously added nearly £40 to the amount of your original cheque.

You may know that the Save the Children Fund is a founder member of the Council of British Societies for Relief Abroad, and we have been energetically insistent that the Council should use its good offices in getting the Government to allow COBSRA to send food supplies to Europe. The Government has now acceded to this request, and the Fund has the right to purchase 100 tons of food supplies for countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Luxembourg and the Balkan States, so you will see that your money has come just at the right moment. It may interest you to know that we have only today put in an order for 30 tons of food supplies.

With very many thanks for all your help.

Yours sincerely,

Miss K Pittman – Davis


Hutton le Hole Village Hall

The Village Hall Committee of Management is hoping to hold a Bring and Buy Sale and Auction Sale on Saturday 20th August for the funds of the Village Hall.

We propose that it will be an ALL DAY SALE arranged as follows:

11 o’clock – 12.30

Coffee morning 1/6d (7½p)

(including coffee & biscuits)

2.30 – 4.0pm

Bring and Buy Sale with Jumble Stall

1/- (5p) (including tea and biscuits)

5 o’clock or later

Auction Sale

We hope to have a large number of stalls:

A jumble stall not to be opened until 2.30pm.

An antique stall for all kinds of antiques – cheap or rare.

A gift stall.

A work stall – household goods, wearing apparel etc.

A stall provided by the Reading Room members.

A cake stall.

A stall for flowers, fruit, vegetables etc.

A food stall – tinned foods etc.

A children’s stall.

For the Auction Sale we hope to have offers of farm produce, furniture, household goods etc.

We are writing to you all hoping that everyone in the village will help in this big effort for the maintenance of the Village Hall – which belongs to us all. We are hoping for contributions for all the stalls so we are going to ask you to send something for the stalls as well as a cake or some other article of food. Everything will be welcome that could be sold. We shall ask for contributions to be sent to the Hall on Friday afternoon, August 19th, from 2.0pm.

We are writing in good time so that you will perhaps begin to make plans for your gifts to the stalls.

On behalf of the Village Hall Committee,

I am, sincerely, E B BURNLEY