Notes for the Hon. Secretary

Notes for the Honorary Secretary


To apply to the Magistrate every twelve months for the renewal of the Licence for the Public Performance of Stage Plays. Application to be made to the Clerk to the Justices of Peace, Helmsley. Two sureties should accompany the applicant to the Court. The cost of the licence is 5/- (25p).


To send application for renewal of licence for the performance of copyright music before December 15th of each year to the Secretary of the Yorkshire Rural Community Council.

N.B. The YRCC send a reminder – together with the form of application.


To notify the Inspector of Police, Helmsley when it is intended to hold a dance and to apply for permission to extend the hours after 11 o’clock.


To confirm all applications for the hire of the Hall in writing.

(N.B. Use Duplicate or Triplicate Books sending first memo to the Caretaker – 1st copy to the hirer and retaining 2nd copy in the book for reference.)


To notify hirers of the Hall that an MC must be appointed for a dance in addition to the door keepers


To order coal, coke, calor gas or Tilley lamp equipment etc as required.


To remind secretaries of village associations that their representatives for the Committee of Management should be elected by the associations concerned within one month before the Annual General Meeting to be held during the month of May.


To give one weeks’ notice of the Annual General Meeting to be convened in the month of May.


Since 1948 the Village Hall has been exempted from Entertainments Duty. The certificate must be kept in the Hall and must be exhibited in a prominent position during an Entertainment.


Hiring of the Hall when use of the Billiard Room is to be included – See resolution of Annual Meeting May 23rd 1950 – That Rule 5 of the Rules of the Village Hall be amended to read as follows:

The Committee shall retain the power to take possession of all the rooms of the Village Hall for the holding of a special event without giving more than three weeks notice that the Billiard Room will be required; and provided that no fixture for an outside match has already been arranged by the Billiard Club: and provided that the Billiard Room should not be let more than four times a year. Any application for the use of the Billiard Room shall be considered by the Emergency Committee with the addition of the Reading Room representative on the Committee of Management


Registration of Charities. The Village Hall has been entered in the Central Register of Charities. A copy of the index slip is contained in a buff envelope with the Trust Deed.

N.B. A statement of account should be forwarded to the Charity Commissioners not later than March 31st 1969.

Letter received from YRCC dated 28 June 1961

Dear Mrs Burnley,

Thank you for your letter of 26th June. You need not worry now about entertainments duty. There is no need now for exemption and we were advised by the Customs and Excise officers in York that we might destroy all our entertainment duty files. You may, therefore, enjoy yourselves in the village hall with a clear conscience even though the certificate has gone.

Yours sincerely,

Assistant Secretary.