Hub of Friendship


True friendship is often ignored in present times, when most people live in worlds of their own. So it is good to glance at life in a typical Yorkshire village where people really live in Harmony.

A perfect example of this is at Hutton le Hole, a tiny moorland village (said by some to be the county’s prettiest), which has a bus service once a week and no bridge over the beck. The story of village life can be found wrapped in the annual report on the Village Hall – the very hub of life. The hall belongs to the village; it is a symbol of friendship and happiness. It has seen occasions of great joy and also of sorrow.

From rabbit shows to weddings and concerts all the main events are held in the hall and together with regular activities of the billiard and reading rooms, the badminton club and the small library, these things help to stop villagers from drifting away to the towns.

A village without a hall is a dismal place lacking in social activities. Those villages which have a hall and a proud and energetic village hall committee are always happy places to live in.

Village life can be said to be the backbone of England and the village hall can be said to be the backbone of the village. Where the spirit of true friendship lies there also is the spirit of contentment.

Northern Echo – May 1954