How the Money was Raised/Administration

How the Money was Raised

From the beginning the funds have been generously contributed to by the people in the village – either by individual gifts or by giving great help at the Fairs and Shows. Fairs were held – with one exception – each year since 1934 until the war prevented our holding a Fair on the same scale but we organised sports for the children and held a dance on the Saturday before the first Monday in August which is the day fixed on for a Special Effort for the maintenance of the Village Hall.

  • The first Fair was held in 1934. It was opened by Lord Feversham and the Chair was taken by Colonel Darley, Lord of the Manor.
  • The second Fair was held in 1935. Lady Worsley was the opener and Captain Holt was in the Chair.
  • No Fair was held in 1936.
  • In 1937 a Fair and Produce Show was opened by Caroline Worthington, Mr T Walsh Telling being in the Chair.
  • In 1938 the opener was Mr T E Harvey M.P. with Miss E D Atkinson to introduce him.
  • In 1939 a Fair and Show was opened by Lady Cayley; V Holt presided at the opening.

For all these events Major & Mrs J E D Shaw generously lent a large marquee; J Eddon collected and brought a number of ponies; on one occasion of severe drought friends from Spaunton sent a water cart with enough water to supply all that was needed for the tea as well as providing water to many householders.

On every occasion a Fair has been held the village green has been cleared of all litter early the following morning.

During all the years of the World War an event of some kind has been held on the Saturday preceding August Bank Holiday to raise funds for the Village Hall. In 1945 a Produce Show was held; tea was served for 258 people in the Village Hall and a dance was held.

On the 14th October 1938 the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust wrote that they had decided to make a grant of £500 towards the cost of building and furnishing the Hutton le Hole Village Hall. The remainder of the cost of building and furnishing the Hall was made up as follows:

By individual gifts

£2,023   10     6

By concerts/collecting boxes/Special Efforts etc

£75     3     4
By Fairs in 1934, 1935, 1937, 1938

£395    5   10


£48   17     6

Sub Total

£2,542   17     2
With grant from Carnegie Trust

£500     0     0


£3,042   17     2

This amount was all raised by the date of the opening of the Hall.


£2,676     1     0

£85     0     0

Electrical Fitting

£60     1     0


£200     0   11


£17     4     7


£3,038     7     6


£4     9     8

September 15th 1939 Resolution passed closing the Building Fund and transferring balance of £4 – 9 – 8 to the General Fund.

The Endowment Fund was started by a gift of £100 from Sir Philip Reckitt OBE.

Early in this period when money was being collected for the Building Fund £250 was invested at 3½%. Before this amount was used for building it brought in £39- 7 – 6 interest.


The Premises of the Village Hall are administered and managed by the Committee of Management – appointed annually – who are the Trustees of the Premises. The Trust Deed was drawn up and is in the keeping of the Solicitors appointed – Herbert J Jeffrey and Son, Bradford. Transferred May 1950 to Pearson-Ward, Helmsley.

The original members of the Trust as appointed on the 8th May 1939 were:

J Simpson – Parish Meeting

Admiral Sir C Fuller – Parochial Church Council

Miss C Frank – Methodist Chapel

Rev. T W Edward – School Managers

Mrs H Ventress – Women’s Institute

Mr R Hayes – Reading Room

Mr T Strickland – Young Farmers Club

Mrs Edith Strickland – District Nursing Assoc.

To this number were added at the Public Meeting four members:-

F J Burnley

Mrs F J Burnley

R W Crosland

Percy Smith

At the first meeting of the Committee of Management Mrs Metcalfe, W Trenholm and Mrs Davidson were co-opted under the provision of the Deed.

  • It was decided that a quorum consists of one-third of the membership of the Committee of Management
  • All the members of the Committee retire annually.
  • Every organisation entitled to appoint a representative member of the Committee – must make the appointment within one month before the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Annual General Meeting is to be held during the month of May to be convened by one week’s notice.
  • At this meeting four members must be elected. They with the representative members form the Committee of Management have the power to co-opt not more than four members. (See the copy of the Trust Deed in the keeping of the Honorary Secretary).

In 1955 it was decided to abandon the dances held for the maintenance of the Village Hall and to experiment with Triennial Midsummer Fairs. These all day sales have proved to be a delightful social event and more remunerative.

At the Annual Meeting held in May 1963 F J Burnley retired from the Chairmanship which he had held since the Hall was opened in 1939. Group Captain G Shaw DFC was elected Chairman in his place. To commemorate the long years of service given by F J Burnley a cherry tree and two rose trees were planted in the garden of Moorlands where Mr Burnley was living.