Gifts for the Hall

Gifts for the Hall

Contributions of money, contributions in kind for the Fairs which were held to raise money towards the initial cost of building and other gifts are too numerous to be mentioned specifically. The following gifts were made for the furnishing of the Hall.

The Stage Curtains — Mr & Mrs Howard Rowntree, Scarborough

Oak Table — Miss Ellis, Scalby

Light Point in Kitchen — Miss Hutton

Clock — Mr & Miss Crosland

Badminton Set — Miss Crosfield & friends at Barmoors

Table Tennis — Mr E D Atkinson, Burley in Wharfdale

Map of Hutton le Hole — Mr & Mrs E F Tew, Mellor Brook, Lancs.

Notice Board — Mrs Wall

Oak Chairs — Mr Crosland

Arm Chairs — Mr & Mrs A S Rowntree

Chairs for Billiard Room — Mrs F J Burnley

Chair for Hall — Mrs Ventress

Chair for Hall — Mrs Coop

Chair — Miss D B Booth, Heaton, Bradford

Coal Scuttle — Miss A M Burnley

Trays — Mr Jackson, Lastingham

Piano — Mr W Crosland, Mr E D Atkinson, Mrs E E Taylor, Mr E A T Taylor,

Mr & Mrs E F Tew, Mr W Leadley, Mr Gillmain

Billiard Table — Money raised by members of The Reading Room and by the sale of the old building.

Umbrella Stand — Mr & Mrs J Simpson

One Tea Spoon — A Friend of the Village.

The window curtains were made by friends in the village.

The lettering VILLAGE HALL above the main door was the work and the gift of Mr W Rickaby who built the Hall.