Cutting the First Sod 1938


First Sod Cut at Hutton le Hole

£1500 RAISED

After five years of hard work the committee appointed to raise money to build a village hall in Hutton le Hole saw their efforts bear fruit on Monday night when the first sod was cut on the site which is near the post office, by Mr F J Burnley, assisted by Mr Arnold Rowntree, chairman of the Hall Committee.

Addressing the large gathering, Mr Rowntree said that the revival of social and intellectual life in the villages was to be seen in drama, music and the excellent work of that splendid body, the Women’s Institute. All these communal works in the villages made people realise the necessity for a village hall. “We look upon this village as one of the most beautiful in Yorkshire, and we all desire that the hall shall be in harmony with the village itself,” added Mr Rowntree.

The scheme would not have reached its present position but for the untiring efforts of the Hon. Secretary, Mrs Burnley, and the generosity of her husband.

The plans for the new hall were on view and it is expected to accommodate in the main hall 120 people. There is a permanent stage and a billiards room, with a reading room and kitchen.

A sum of £1500 has been raised or promised towards the cost by villagers, and the popular village fair has been one of the main sources of revenue. Building is expected to commence immediately.

The committee of the building fund, with Mr Arnold Rowntree as chairman, and Admiral Sir Cyril Fuller as vice-chairman, is Captain Vernon Holt, Mr F J Burnley, Rev. T W Edwards, Mrs Wardle, Mr Hutton, Mr Metcalfe, Mrs Ventress, Mr Dixon, Miss C Frank, Messrs H Taylor, C Parker, R Hayes, J Simpson, F Farrow, P Smith, F Smith, W Strickland and T Strickland. Mr F J Burnley is hon. Treasurer, with Mrs F J Burnley as Hon. Secretary.

Amongst those present at the ceremony on Monday evening were: Mr & Mrs A Rowntree, Mr R W Crosland, Mr & Mrs E Atkinson, Miss Dale, Bradford, the Misses Hambleton, the Misses Crosland, Mrs Ford, Mr T E Harvey, M. P., Leeds, Mr Hambleton, jun., Mr & Mrs Campbell, Mr & Mrs J Atkinson Mrs Hutton, Miss A Burnley, Mr & Mrs F J Burnley, and members of the committee.

From a newspaper cutting of the time.