Concerts and Drama

Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts have offered us their evenings of music and song that gave much joy that each one should be recorded and appreciated separately.


Mar 12 – Constance Carrodus (Folk songs), Moyra Cooke (Piano)

Oct 30 – Helen Anderson (Soprano), Michael Head (Baritone & Piano)


May ? – The English Singers with Reginald Paul (Piano)

Dec 19 – The Market Theatre


May 19 – Helen Anderson and Michael Head (Second visit)


Jun 20 – Eve Maxwell-Lyte (Folk songs), Joan Davies (Piano)


Jun 6 – Elspeth Douglas-Reid (Diseuse), Dorothy Erhart (Piano)

The Market Theatre brought a varied programme of plays, mimes, song and dance – also under the aegis of CEMA in December 1942. A large gathering showed great appreciation.

Arts Council of Great Britain


Oct 24 – Ellis Keiler (Baritone), Cecelia Keating (Violin), Alan Richardson (Piano)


Jun 27 – Susan Pearson (Actress & Dancer), Mary Devlin (Songs & Virginals)

Dec 10 – Victor Harding (Baritone), Lorraine du Val (Violin), Trevor Fisher (Piano)


Nov 10 – Dorothy Hogben (Piano), ‘A Portrait of Chopin’


Apr 7 – The Lee Puppet Theatre

Aug 27 – Griffith Lewis (Tenor), Peers Coetmore (Cello), Elizabeth Harding (Piano)

Dec 17 – Frances Gorick (Contralto), Thyrza Whysall (Violin), Laurence Gerrish (Piano)


Mar 26 – Vivienne Bennett (Actress), Mary Rowland (Songs & Celtic Harp)


Sep 27 – Compass Players (Company of 9), ‘Village Wooing’, ‘The Great Catherine’

Oct 17 – Puppets – Walter Wilkinson


Jun 21 – Eric Shilling (Baritone), Eva Greenbaum (Violin), Robin Wood (Piano)


Sep 26 – ‘Celebrating Music’, Gisella Gondos (Soprano), Norman Tattersall (Baritone),

Joan Bonner(Cello), Elizabeth Harding (Piano)


Sep 29 – ‘Music Tapestry’, Margaret Hyde (Contralto), Geoffrey Clifton (Baritone),

Martin Milner (Violin), Nina Walker (Piano)


Sep 27 – Zuilmah Hopkins (Soprano), Georgina Dobrée (Clarinet), Alex Kelly (Piano)


Sep 20 – ‘The Interrupted Serenade’, Audrey Strange (Soprano), Noreen Mason (Flute),

Jean Stewart (Viola), Daphne Ibbott (Piano)


Apr 9 – Caryl Jenner Mobile Theatre

Sep 26 – Ranken Bushby (Baritone), Tessa Robbins (Violin), Geoffrey Parsons (Piano)

Oct 24 – Puppets – Walter Wilkinson


Sep 18 – Janet Baker (Contralto), Mary Murdoch (Oboe), Peter Smith (Piano)


Sep 16 – Edward Byles (Tenor), Nona Liddell (Violin), Daphne Ibbott (Piano)


Sep 15 – Jolyon Dodgson (Baritone) and the Sylvan Trio, John Francis (Flute), Sarah Francis (Oboe),

Millicent Silver (Piano)


Sep 13 – Julian Moyle (Baritone), Brenda Cullity (Violin), Viola Tunnard (Piano)


4 St. James’s Square, London S.W.1

Telephone: Whitehall 9737  Telegrams: AMEC, PICCY, LONDON

31 May 1961

Dear Mrs Burnley,

How sorry I was to hear that you and your husband do not feel able any longer to help us to bring concerts to Hutton le Hole. We realised with sadness that the time must come when you would have to make this decision; but we are very happy that you have been able to give us your services over so many years. Without your great assistance on the spot we could not possibly have continued to send singers and instrumentalists each year to your village; and now I am afraid that last September’s concert must, as you say, be regarded as the last.

It is a splendid record – twenty-five events over twenty years – and quite unlike anything else that the Council has been able to do anywhere in the country. I have always been encouraged by the success and enthusiasm that has attended these concerts, for which so much credit must be given to all the work done by you and Mr Burnley. We know what great joy you have had in this work, and what pleasure all this music has given to the local people from the surrounding districts. I send to both of you our warmest congratulations and gratitude and hope that you will enjoy many future years, not least in happy recollection of these pleasures.

Yours sincerely,

John Denison

Music Director


Since the Hall was opened many amateur dramatic performances have been given by societies from the village and surrounding villages – too many to be recorded in this book.

In 1960 however the Scarborough College Dramatic Society gave an outstanding performance of Richard II on March 12th in aid of World Refugee Year.

The Society was invited to return to the village on February 25th 1961. Their production of Hamlet was a memorable event.

Programmes and press cuttings relating to the above and the concerts are contained within the original book.