Carnegie Trust

The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust

In January 1957 the Yorkshire Rural Community Council informed the Committee of Management that the Carnegie Trust was prepared to make grants to specific Village Halls towards the cost of improving the furnishings and equipment. Grants would be based on two-thirds of the cost of approved items in the case of the Hutton le Hole Village Hall. In March 1957 application was made for a two-third grant for expenditure approved by the Committee. In August 1957 the Village Hall Committee received notification from the Carnegie Trust that they would offer a grant of up to £103 towards an expenditure of not less than £152.

The items approved were:



Stage Curtains

Water Heater


6 Chairs


Recover Billiard Table




The last item, recovering the Billiard Table was later changed for 33 chair cushions at a cost of £37-2-6 and an electric radiator for the kitchen for £6-3-0 bringing the total to £151-2-0 towards which the Carnegie Trust made a grant of £103.

The Village Hall Committee approved a scheme for the inside painting and decorating of the whole Hall, kitchen, Billiard Room, offices, staircases etc at a cost of £133-3-4. The velvet stage curtains were also cleaned. At a later date the outside doors were oiled and the hinges painted.

During 1959 Mr W. Trenholme, a member of the Village Hall Committee thoroughly cleared the garden at the back of the Hall – building up stone walls etc. Gifts of plants were made for the garden.