Other Information

Gifts for the Playing Field :

A cricket ball – Miss L W Chadwick, Canford Cliffs, Dorset

Seats – Mrs Robin Moor, Mr W P Ladd, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., The late Mr Ford Smith, Hutton le Hole


The Trust Deed

The Trust Deed vesting Clay Garth to the Committee of Management of the Hutton le Hole Village Hall is held together with the copy of the Trust Deeds of the Village Hall by the present Secretary of the Hall Mrs F J Burnley. The Solicitors for the Trust are Messrs Pearson and Ward, Helmsley, York.


The Playing Field is exempted from tax payment under Section 30, Finance Act 1921 and the Property Tax which had previously been demanded for the years 1948/49 and 1949/50, has now been discharged.

(Ref AF 24252 H.A.R. Inspector of Taxes, Piccadilly, York 5th October 1950).

Public Footpath

As the track of a Public Footpath ran formerly right across the cricket pitch application was made to the Kirbymoorside Rural District Council for permission to divert the track so that it would run along the north boundary of the Playing Field. This was agreed to on October 20th 1947.


The correspondence and the plans for the layout of the field are filed with the Trust Deeds.

Ministry of Education

The correspondence relating to the Grant in aid is filed and kept with the Trust Deeds. It should be urgently borne in mind that in making the grant the Ministry of Education “reserve the right to require the removal of the grant aided equipment for use elsewhere if in their opinion at any time it has ceased to be adequately used or maintained whether by the discontinuance of the activities of the organisation or otherwise.


Playing Field 1959

Chairman – Mr L Davison

Honorary Secretary – Mrs Theakston

After a lapse of some years the Cricket Club was re-opened in 1959. During the year the sum of £300 was raised to provide a cricket pavilion. The Yorkshire Rural Community Council piloted an application to the Ministry of Education who made a grant of £141 towards the original estimated expenditure of £282.

The Tennis Court and the Bowling have previously put up a pavilion by their own efforts.

The Children’s Playground received an annual grant of £6 – 0 – 0 from the N.R.C.C. Education Committee.

Trees Planted in 1969 in memory of Mrs Burnley – Plaque installed 2014