First Meeting of Playing Field Association 1949

Minutes of the First Meeting of

The Playing Field Association 31st August 1949


Rev. C G Thompson, Dr R Theakston,

Mr J Simpson, Mr W Sutherland,

Mr D Londesborough, Mrs Calvert,

Miss M Strickland, Mrs Theakston,

Mrs Burnley.


The Rev. C G Thompson was unanimously elected to be chairman for the first meeting.


The following elections from the constituent organisations were reported.

Tennis Club – Mrs Calvert, Miss M Strickland

Cricket Club – Mr I Dowson, Mr D Londesborough

Bowling Club – Mr Sutherland, Mr Simpson

Village Hall – Rev. C G Thompson, Mrs Theakston, Mrs Burnley

Parish Meeting – Dr R Theakston

Co-option of members

It was decided by a majority vote that, for this year, no co-option of members should be made.

Chairman of the Playing Field Association

Dr R Theakston was unanimously elected Chairman of the P.F.A.

Honorary Treasurer

The Rev. C G Thompson was unanimously elected.

Honorary Secretary

Mrs Calvert was unanimously elected.

Annual Meeting

It was unanimously agreed that, after this year, the Annual Meeting of the P.F.A. be held on a day sometime between the 1st and 15th of October.

Tennis Club

The representatives advised the trenching of the tennis court outside of the wire netting. This was agreed to.

Bowling Club

Seven members had already signified their wish to join.

Insurance of Equipment

It was agreed to insure the equipment against fire, theft, etc.


It was reported that Mr Adamson had given a roller to the Tennis Club on condition that he might have the use of it on occasion. Mr Adamson had been thanked for his gift.


It was moved by Dr Theakston, seconded by Mrs Calvert and carried unanimously that the Playing Field Association recommend to the playing organisations that they pay 10% per annum of their income to a central fund to be administered by the P.F.A. and that the Village Hall Committee of Management be asked to make an annual payment to the P.F.A. Administrative Fund.